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    Hall Of Fame Expands at RGT

    Nov 22, 2011

    RG Transport drivers Rex Harvey and Dennis Flaherty were recognized and honored by Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) on January 17, 2004. Rex and Dennis were selected as Indiana’s Driver of the Month. Rex was awarded the October 2003 plaque and Dennis received the award for November 2003. The officers of the IMTA, and its Safety Management Council, presented the plaques to the drivers.

    The annual awards banquet was held in Indianapolis. Each month, the IMTA selects two Drivers of the Month award winners. An award is given to chosen drivers with less than 15 years of experience in the industry. A second award is issued to drivers with 15 years of industry experience or more. Of the 24 Driver of the Month winners, one driver received the prestigious Indiana Driver of the Year award.

    Rex and Dennis’s fan club also attended the event. Rooting for RGT’s esteemed drivers were wives Teela Harvey and Merri Ann Flaherty. Also leading the cheers from RGT were Kathy Simmons, Barb Beckley, Dick DeBoer (and wife Alesia), and Jim Fairfield (and wife Dayna). Though the Driver of the Year Award did not go to Rex or Dennis, they represented themselves, RG Transport, and the trucking industry excellently.

    Employers nominate candidates for the monthly award by submitting packets containing detailed statistics about the driver. The IMTA selection committee analyzes each nominee’s personal achievements and selects the best representative from the state based upon miles driven without having accidents, years of service, moving violation history, community involvement, and personal achievements. RG Transport congratulates Rex and Dennis. Their record of safety, customer service, and community involvement are testimonies to their professionalism. Duplicate Driver of the Month plaques will be added to the awards lobby (our Hall of Fame) at the RG Transport office. This will forever memorialize Rex’s and Dennis’s achievement.

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