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    Hardware Heads Home With RGT’s Best

    Nov 22, 2011
    Accident free driving was the talk of the town at the 2004 RG Transport Safe Driving Awards Breakfast held on July 17. Our professional drivers were recognized for safety achievements and a successful truck driving championship’s (trucker’s rodeo). The second annual RG Transport Driver of the Year Award winner was also announced during the ceremonies.

    Drivers receiving safety recognition awards include:

    250,000 accident free miles award – Lee All, Perry Gibbs, JL Monroe, Tony Qualls, Steve Retherford, Troy Rush, Michael Schulz, and Mike Webb

    500,000 accident free miles award – Frank Goode, Lynn Mosbaugh, Wendell Sizelove, and Aaron Stamps

    750,000 accident free miles award – Merrill Hughes and Joe Ogle

    1.25 million accident free miles award – Bob Alford and Rex Harvey

    1.50 million accident free miles award – Bob Curtis and Dennis Flaherty

    Gary Cole led the RG Transport driving team at the June Indiana Truck Driving Championships. Gary placed second in the state competition in the 5-Axle Tractor Class. Gary received a trophy for his efforts. The entire RG Transport Championship’s Team was also recognized at the statewide event and with trophies at the RGT Awards Breakfast. The RGT team had the second highest average score of all teams competing in the statewide competition. Gary’s teammates included Dennis Flaherty, Troy Rush, and John Thibeault.

    The 2004 RG Transport Driver of the Year Award winner was John Thibeault. This annual award is given to the driver that best demonstrates excellence in safety and operational performance. John earned the award by leading the driver team in many important statistical, including safety, and was an active participant in various programs including the Safety and Communications Committee.

    Congratulations to John and all the winners of the recognition awards. We are quite proud of all of the RGT driver accomplishments.

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