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    Not Just “Maters” These Days

    Nov 22, 2011

    If it is true that “Variety is the Spice of Life”, the RG Transport drivers are enjoying quite a bit of “spice” these days? The first 20 years of RG Transport’s existence found only tomato products in the back of our trailers. Our drivers were the best in the business delivering “The Freshest, Best Tasting Tomato Products in the World”.

    But, it’s not just ‘maters’ in those large 53-foot trailers these days! The RG Transport drivers are spicing up their lives by delivering different products to new customers. This really helps the drivers stay busy year round even when tomato load activities are slow. Many of the new items shipped are very well know consumer products you may be purchasing. Our new customer acquaintances have been positively overwhelmed by the quality of our drivers. They are not used to freight consistently being delivered safely as well as on time.

    We are now the preferred trucking company that delivers products for corporations like Weaver Popcorn. They make the popcorn that all the boy scouts sell door-to-door. We now ship household appliances for HH Gregg. Potato chips are delivered to the customers of snack foods manufacturer, Poore Brothers. Loads of toothpaste, mouthwash and health and beauty aids for Colgate-Palmolive are making our trailers “minty fresh”.

    RGT drivers are moving hundreds of loads of heating and air conditioning units for Carrier Corporation each year. We transport other new home building products to customers including fireplace inserts for Majestic Products and insulation for Thermafibre. There are many other shippers that are utilizing the services of RGT.

    Just prior to Easter, we received a call from Kraig Doub, Distribution and Logistics Director for Zachary Confections. They are a large candy manufacturer. Zachary has also realized the quality of the RG Transport system. They had a “high security” load that they did not trust to anyone, but RG Transport. The load was Easter candy to be delivered to Washington, DC. Yes, it was a load for the White House!!

    Kraig requested that we pick up their load on Friday and deliver it on Monday. We were asked to keep the load “top secret” and under lock and key. The RGT driver managers assigned it to Stan Meyer, one of our many excellent drivers. As he always does, Stan delivered the load on time, damage free, and without a hitch.

    He delivered 8,000 solid chocolate rabbits; 12,000 creme and marshmallow eggs; banners, and two Easter Bunny suits. The 2003 White House Easter Egg Roll was a fantastic success. A great many children had a day they will never forget that concluded with a terrific sugar buzz. And, RGT played a “roll” in making it happen!

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