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    Put Your Left Foot In….Put Your Right Arm Out

    Nov 22, 2011
    What do you do when hop into a brand new tomato red Freightliner tractor and you can’t find that darn gear shifter? You say your left foot can’t locate the clutch? What is wrong with this new tractor? Did the factory mess up and forget to install all the stuff? Oops….It’s not a factory defect. It’s actually, the new automatic transmission tractor that has arrived at RG Transport.

    Five of the new “shiftless” tractors have been delivered and ten more are on the way. It’s the latest innovation in transmission technology provided by Arvin-Meritor Corporation. Our new Columbia tractors have 12 forward gears, 2 reverse gears and the driver does not have to shift any of them. The sophisticated computer brain of the engine and transmission do all the thinking and all the work.

    Early feedback from the lucky driver recipients of the new tractors has been excellent. Drivers that have shifted millions of gears during their driving career are loving the “ease” of their new tractor. Not only is it easier to drive, the fuel economy is improved as the transmission shifts at the optimum moment to prevent over-revving of the engine. This results in a complete burning of fuel and eliminates waste.

    are now showing at a dock near you! How can you recognize a new one? Well, first of all, it’s red. And it’s the one occupied by the smiling driver with a very well-rested left foot and right arm.

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