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    Red Gold Pride to Fairways

    Nov 22, 2011

    The rolling billboards displayed on the sides of our decaled 53-foot trailers are very well known as they traverse our nation’s highways. The rear door trailer decal gains comments from the public each and every day. The, now famous, yellow SSR and VW mobile marketing fleet have been successfully catching the eye of the American public for a while now.

    But, what about the central Indiana golf courses and campgrounds? Shouldn’t they have a specialty vehicle promoting the Red Gold pride, too? Well, RG Transport driver Steve Emery says “YES” they should.

    Steve has become the unofficial “slow moving mobile marketing fleet” manager for the link’sters and campers in our area. He has unveiled the, first of its kind, “gently used” Red Gold Golf Cart. And like our previously mentioned marketing ventures, Steve and his wife, Jane, are getting quite a few looks, comments and smiles about his vehicle.

    Steve joined the RG Transport team last summer. And, the Red Gold/ RG Transport “pride bug” has caught Steve. So much so, that he invested in an upgrade of his family’s personal golf cart. He worked with a painter and matched the Red Gold label colors. He ordered and installed tomato decals and Red Gold license plates to his cart. Steve’s cart may not go as fast as the SSR. And, it may not win any national graphic awards like our trailers. But, you certainly cannot doubt Steve’s pride in his company. That is award winning. Great job, Steve and Jane!!

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