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    Satellites and Software…..or….. Beam Me Up (and Track Me), Scotty!!

    Nov 22, 2011

    The team at RG Transport has “boldly gone where no transport team has gone before” by successfully implementing two major business system upgrades. New business software and a satellite based mobile communication systems were recently put into operation. After much “test driving” of various transportation packages, the nod went to industry-leading Innovative Computing Corporation (ICC) for the software solution and Qualcomm for the satellite tracking communications solution. The software and hardware, in tandem, provide multi-faceted operations, safety, administration, maintenance, driver communications, and engine performance monitoring systems.

    The ICC software is definitely a “soup to nuts” product. It allows RGT to track customer orders, dispatch trucks, pay drivers, bill customers, maintain freight rates, monitor safety, manage equipment, and generate reports to analyze (and track) everything from A to Z. The Qualcomm satellite based mobile communications system links the RGT office with every driver out on the road. Drivers require detailed order information, routings to the customer, and customer-specific instructions for every delivery. The communications to drivers are “beamed” to them instantly via two strategically placed satellites high above the earth. The system also provides Global Positioning Systems, allowing RGT to track each tractor’s location 24 hours a day.

    Dick DeBoer, Chief Operating Officer at RGT, states “The decision to select ICC’s software and Qualcomm satellite communications was critical to the future of RG Transport. The software supplies information necessary to manage the business profitably for many years to come. The implementation of the new systems has cut the technology gap between RG Transport and major trucking companies. In addition to the ability to monitor the performance of our fleet, the satellite tracking system, gives customers load status updates through the Internet. We are in a highly competitive freight market. And, the ability to add Internet tracking service creates another differential between RG Transport and other companies”.

    DeBoer adds, “The two projects were a major undertaking by the RGT and Red Gold IS staff. I am extremely proud of their efforts, their dedication, and their ability to successfully meet the aggressive implementation schedule”. Congratulations to all for a mission well done!!

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