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    Xata Tracks Our Data

    Nov 22, 2011

    Technology drives every efficient company. RG Transport’s world is no different. The transportation company must maintain their competitive edge by improving and utilizing the industries best technology. The over-the road fleet has utilized satellite communications and global positioning systems for the past several years. The local tractor fleet was due for a state of the art technology upgrade.

    The upgrade has arrived! It is called Xata (zay tah), and it has been installed in every RG Transport tractor that is used for local and intrastate (inside of Indiana) deliveries. The Xata system includes an onboard computer system that is installed on the dashboard of the tractor. The Xata system documents every detail regarding how the tractor operates and the work generated during the driver’s shift. The system measures all economic factors including the tractor’s productive time, the tractor’s idle time, fuel economy, etc. Xata also can track what items are transported during the driver’s shift and can minimize the use of current paper documents.

    The system is activated by “keys” that are used to program, store, and download data.The keys look similar to a tractor ignition key. The driver has a key that generates and stores information important to the driver. The manager has a different key that generates and reviews data important to the manager. At the conclusion of each driver’s shift, the driver will take his key (which has all the pertinent shift data stored within the key) and download the data into a Data Station located at each assigned Red Gold facility. Analysis of the collected data will assist and ensure the local tractor operation is cost efficient, point out opportunities for improvement, and will promote fleet safety. You cannot stand still in today’s competitive business climate. New technologies, like Xata, will ensure RG Transport continues to “pass” their competition in the transportation marketplace.

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