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    A Day in the Life... of an RGT Shuttle Driver

    Nov 23, 2011

    When you open the front cover of the RG Transport Employee Handbook, the first thing you will see is can’t miss the company’s Mission Statement. It says “To provide quality transportation and customer service in the most efficient and safe manner ” ”. That is the our “mission ” of the 135 over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers who deliver two or three truckloads of finished product from our company’s docks to the customer’s warehouses each week. This mission is also shared by the 14 dedicated shuttle drivers who complete their first two or three loads within the just a few minutes of their work week! In fact, when a shuttle driver’s week comes to an end, they will have supported the company mission statement well over 175 times ! .

    Shuttle drivers are responsible for moving loads of finished product, brite stack, empty cans or bottles, other needed supplies and sometimes even an occasional forklift or floor sweeper from one Red Gold facility to another . In Red Gold facility. And, in their spare time, they stay busy by moving empty trailers into open dock doors for loading. One of the primary responsibilities of our shuttle drivers is are to move finished goods from the plants to the distribution center. They also help keep warehouse inventories balanced, get supplies to the manufacturing lines, supply supplying labeling lines with brite stack, and remove removing empty storage pallets from the warehouse work areas.

    Scheduled for an 11-hour shift, our 14 shuttle drivers not only provide ‘round-the-clock support for each facility, but also serve an integral part of each building’s overall productivity and efficiency. Let’s take a peek peak at “a day in the life…of a RGT shuttle driver”. Upon arrival to work, our drivers report to their driver’s day starts at the assigned tractor. To maximize cost effectiveness, two shifts of shuttle drivers share one tractor. This allows for improved equipment utilization which reduces overall costs. The first task is performing a pre-trip inspection. They must be 100% comfortable that the tractor is safe.

    Next , once our tractor is determined safe, the drivers report to their their assigned warehouse shipping office. The shipping office relays the load instructions to our shuttle driver either verbally , or through a face-to-face communication, or by CB radio transmission. Our drivers locate the first trailer, inspect it for safety, and properly “couples” the tractor to the trailer. After verifying the warehouse dock lock system has been released, they pull the trailer just a few feet. The trailer doors are closed and a lock, or seal, is are added for security. The locking or sealing ensures our quality product is not tampered with during transit.

    Upon arrival, our drivers report to that facility’s shipping office and determine where the trailer should be dropped. Once unhooked the trailer is unhooked, the drivers are responsible for data entering load information into the tractor’s on-board computer system. Then, they are ready to proceed to the next assignment. This process is duplicated about 25 to 30 times per shift. At And, at the end of each shift, each driver will have transferred over one million pounds of freight!

    When asked to share the best aspects of being a dedicated shuttle driver, our employees report they enjoy being home every day (versus away from home five days per week as are our OTR drivers). Other positive job comment includes having an outdoor office, a definite plus when the weather is nice, but a minus when the weather is cold and bitter. They also enjoy participating in the Red Gold manufacturing process. One shuttle driver reports he enjoys when fellow Red Gold and RG Transport employees “ wave waive” as they pass each other on the roads. He thinks it reflects the great camaraderie between all employees.

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