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    Circle City Rumble

    Nov 23, 2011

    Shhhh….listen….do you hear that?  What’s that rumble?  It sounds like it’s coming in our direction.  Is it a herd of buffalo?  Is it a huge freight train?   Is it the offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts going for a jog?  Nope, it’s the 17,000 plus motorcyclists participating in the 2007 Miracle Ride for Riley Children’s Hospital.  Guess who is getting their name added to the back of those super-sharp Miracle Ride t-shirts?  Well, it’s the newest Miracle Ride sponsor… RG Transport.  At least that’s the goal. 


    The goal is likely to become reality thanks to the charitable efforts of RG Transport’s driver Ken Roberts.  Ken’s heart has been touched by the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital.  Two weeks after riding in his very first Miracle Ride in June 2006, the young son of a close friend required surgery at Riley.  Ken attended the pre-surgery consultation and quickly recognized the wonderful work and services the hospital provides.  Ken observed the entire staff at Riley treating the brave young patients as if they were family.  It was at that moment Ken decided to help by getting involved.   


    Caring for kids with illnesses is an expensive proposition.  The Miracle Ride’s corporate sponsors, and their participants, raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.  Ken’s goal was to expose RG Transport, and possibly Red Gold, to the Riley program in hopes of becoming a corporate sponsor.  To qualify for sponsorship status, Ken and his fellow RGT employees had to raise $1,500.  With help from Sandy McWatters, RGT Controller, Ken introduced the idea to all employees at the summer safety meeting.  Through Ken’s persistence and leadership, the momentum steamrolled and the donations climbed. 


    Through the campaign, Ken has presented employees with Riley hat/shirt pins for a small donation.  Certainly not to compete with Red Gold’s fabulous food makers, Ken cooked and bottled a batch of his signature B-B-Q sauce.  Volunteering to cook burgers at the annual August Driver Appreciation luncheon, Ken traded bottles of sauce for Riley donations.  He sold out!!  The Fall donations promotion was a Miracle Poker Game.  Over several weeks, employees could make a donation and receive poker cards.  All players compared poker hands at the fall safety meeting with the best hand winning.  The Miracle Ride program received half the poker funds and the winning employee, Keith Anderson, generously donated his share, also.  


    In January, at the winter safety meeting, Ken updated all employees on our progress and our goal deadline.  He marketed for more donations and announced his next fund raising event…a March 31 bowling, karaoke and dance night at Norwood Bowl in Alexandria!  A portion of the proceeds, and all donations, will go toward the Riley project.  In May, Ken will design a Poker Run to raise more monies and promote the huge June program.  Ken tells us, one day in the future, he would love to see selected Red Gold product labels to say “Corporate Sponsor of Riley Children’s Hospital Miracle Ride for Kids”.  He thinks consumers would automatically buy our products first.


    There’s no doubt that Ken, and RG Transport, will reach their goal.  The RGT name will be on those collector t-shirts as the newest sponsor.  On June 2, the annual Poker Run fund raiser will take place.  On June 3, the 14th Annual Miracle Ride will assemble and the engines will crank up at Riley Hospital’s east parking lot.  There will be a live band, celebrity speeches and an Indy Police motorcycle squadron performance to kick off the day’s festivities.  You can just imagine the kid’s faces pressed against the hospital glass watching the riders roar off.  Joining Ken and a host of other RGT motorcyclists, will be Governor Mitch Daniels, radio hosts Bob & Tom and Christi Lee from Q-95, the Colt’s Jeff Saturday, Lucas Oil representatives, and several participating Colts players.  The record setting number of riders will follow a five mile predetermined route.  The ride route will conclude with a trip around the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway track and culminate with a huge celebration party. 


    If you would like to ride with Ken and his Band of Bikers, just email RGT’s Sandy McWatters at .  A registration form will be mailed to you.  Ken and Sandy would thank all the generous employees that made this project possible.  RG Transport is proud to support Ken and his charitable efforts.  We hope you will too.  Good job, Ken!!    

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