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    Don't Answer That...& Grab a Burger!!

    Nov 23, 2011
    “Driving While Distracted” was the hot safety topic at the most recent RG Transport quarterly safety meeting held on October 18, 2008.  The number one distraction for truck and car drivers, in today’s technology world, is cell phones.  To keep everyone as safe as possible, RGT’s drivers know they cannot give full focus to safe driving if they are chatting, or text messaging, on their cell phones.  As “safety is our number one priority”, cell phone conversations are safest when your vehicle is not moving.


    RGT’s safest and most productive drivers were also recognized at the meeting.  They were presented with Driver of the Month Awards.  The July 2008 winner was Terry Fleshman.  Owner operator Matt Vesey was awarded the August prize.  The Driver of the Month for September 2008 was Perry Gibbs.  All award winners were first-time recipients.  The drivers were selected for their leadership in operational categories, excellent safety performance and their high level of customer service.  Congratulations to our winners!


    A “Driver Appreciation Cookout” wrapped up the Saturday event.  All attendees enjoyed tasty burgers and brats from the grill while catching up with their fellow associates.  RG Transport greatly appreciates our drivers and the job they do representing the company and taking care of our customers.  We thank them for all their efforts. 
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