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    Generosity to the Rescue

    Nov 23, 2011

    When defined by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, the word “generous” is depicted in three separate ways. Generous is “characterized by a noble of forbearing spirit”. Generous can be “liberal in giving”. And thirdly, generous is also “marked by abundance or ample proportions”. As it relates to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Project, the efforts of Red Gold/ RG Transport companies and employees have clearly demonstrated the true spirit of being GENEROUS.

    Employee teams at Red Gold and RG Transport generously worked together to send loads of relief products to the regions devastated by the hurricane. Shortly after the Gulf States disaster, RG Transport was invited to join a community of trucking companies to assist FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) by delivering 600 loads of drinking water to the region. RG Transport did its share by quickly sending seven loads and drivers to New Orleans to assist the evacuees.

    After contacting the region's food banks and agencies to establish their needs, the Red Gold team went into action. Food banks and government created agencies coordinated their volunteer labor force efforts with the generous companies making donations. They also acted as collection and distribution points for food and emergency supplies. We found many of the food banks were operated by faith based organizations filled with wonderfully eager volunteers. Spearheaded by the Hurricane Relief Team, our mission of producing and shipping ten truckloads of product was established and a plan was implemented.

    The generosity of all the employees, along with the many supplier and vendor donations, was extremely heartwarming. Once it was learned that the company was sending truckloads of relief products to the region, several RG Transport drivers generously volunteered to deliver those loads without compensation. The drivers that stepped up to assist the project included John Coburn, Mike Wade, Barry Gill, John Thibeault, Terry Benefiel, John Kirkpatrick, Phil Smith, Marc Bullock, Brent Coburn, Kevin Pulley, Ken Roberts, Mike Bower, and Steve Binns.

    Where did our donated loads go and who did we help?

    • Load 1 – We delivered a load of Red Gold product to a multi-agency staging center in Jackson , MS on 9/7/05 . The first load was delivered by driver John Coburn.
    • Load 2 – Organized by the Nazarene Church , a load of products was sent to their Houston , TX depot to help feed the 18,000 plus evacuees that were transferred from Louisiana to Houston . The load was delivered by driver Barry Gill on 9/8/05 .
    • Load 3 – We shipped a load to a Second Harvest Food Bank affiliate in Shreveport , LA. The load arrived on 9/8/05 and was delivered by driver John Thibeault.
    • Load 4 – A multi-agency volunteer food distribution organization in Mobile , AL asked for some help. Driver John Kirkpatrick delivered a load of products to them on 9/9/05 .
    • Load 5 – Hattiesburg , MS was the location for our next load. This community accepted 10,000 evacuees and when we arrived, more were on the way. This load was delivered by driver Mike Wade on 9/12/05 .
    • Load 6 – On 9/11/05 , driver Phil Smith delivered a load of product to a food bank in Theodore , AL . This food bank was creating individual family boxes of food from the many case goods that were donated.
    • Load 7 – Gulfport , MS needed help. They had 20,000 homeless citizens and Mayor “Gabe” told us they were desperate for some help. Driver Marc Bullock took a load of our products to them and arrived on 9/14/05 .
    • Load 8 – The food bank in Theodore , AL called to tell us everything they received on 9/11/05 was gone and they needed more help. Driver Mike Bower delivered a second load of products to them on 9/17/05 .
    • Load 9 – The Greater Baton Rouge (LA) Food Bank feeds 20,000 people daily utilizing distribution through a network of 200 shelters. Driver Kevin Pulley delivered a load of products to two central locations on 9/22/05.
    • Loads 10, maybe more – As we meet the deadline for this special edition newsletter, the final locations have not yet been determined. But, rest assured, the locations will be selected based on need, and the loads will be delivered with the generous spirit of the Red Gold and RG Transport employees.

    This was a lot of work. But, knowing we were helping so many people in need, it was definitely worth every ounce of effort on each employee's part. Congratulations to the entire team that so overwhelmingly and generously came to the rescue. We're proud of you! And, we're proud of us! 

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