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    Out With The Old...In With The New

    Nov 23, 2011

    Drivers at RG Transport are showing off the company’s new semi tractor purchases.  The most recent additions to the fleet includes Freightliner’s newest model, the 2009 Cascadia and International’s 2009 Pro Star.  Twenty large, shiny, tomato-red arrivals have arrived…and the drivers like them.


    Designed for improved fuel economy, the modern aerodynamic cabs successfully combine a new engine, a new drive train and the latest fuel efficient tires.  With a talented driver behind the wheel, the semis will produce a fuel savings of 5 to 6% over last year’s models.  Doesn’t sound like much, but in the transportation world, that’s huge!  The engine allows for low RPM shifting, yet improved pulling power for those customers in the hills.  The fuel efficient tires offer less rolling resistance and less road friction which equates to savings in fuel costs.  The larger fuel tanks (280 gallons on-board) allow RGT’s professional drivers to travel 1,900 miles between fuel stops. 


    Comments from an RGT driver who has received a new International have been very positive.  He likes the extra pulling power and the very smooth ride.  He says the new model is incredibly quiet.  The road, wind and engine noise has been dramatically reduced.  His vision out the front windshield has improved nicely compared to his previous semi.   The Pro Star’s turning radius is much better which helps in the tight lots of some of our customers.  Our driver has the new improved automatic transmission and he notices a big positive difference. 


    His accessories (CB radio, XM radio, computer, microwave and mini-fridge) all fit better in the new tractor.  During his 10-hour break periods, the sleeper berth is more comfortable, the interior lighting (including dimmer switches) is appreciated and the sleeper’s new windows (for light and fresh air) are a big plus.  The auxiliary power unit (APU) that was ordered with the truck not only allows the driver to keep the cab warm or cool during his breaks, but it also saves fuel as the driver no longer needs to idle the truck engine.  The APU also heats the tractor’s engine during the bitter cold winter nights eliminating all expensive jump starts.


    Be sure to check out the new equipment when they deliver to your favorite facility. 


    Fun Facts:


    • Your car – 20 miles per gallon, 3,500 pounds, $35 to $50 to fill with gas
    • RGT semi – 6.8 miles per gallon, 80,000 pounds, $1,040 to $1,300 to fill with fuel
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