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    RGT's Document Imaging System

    Nov 23, 2011

    For Sale – Gently Used Storage Cabinets

    File cabinets and document storage boxes at RG Transport are going on a major diet. The shrinking life style change is becoming evident thanks to a new document imaging system that has been installed. With the assistance from Transflo Express, all driver generated paper documents will be replaced with electronic versions. The very fit electronic versions are a whole lot leaner, taking up much less space.

    RG Transport’s drivers generate lots of paper in order to complete their jobs. Daily documents include the customers shipping papers (bill of ladings), the driver record of duty status logs, receipts for scales, tolls, equipment washings and repairs, unloading services, etc. Document imaging will replace the need to keep those documents in storage in the future for months and years.

    The new technology allows all RGT’s drivers to have their business documents scanned at the same 24-hour truck stops they use for fueling their tractor. Documents can be sent to the office electronically, in seconds, instead being physically dropped off at the end of the work week. Early document receipt allows the Accounting office to bill the customer for the delivery much sooner which positively impacts the receipt of cash.

    RGT’s payroll department also likes the new system as it allows for instant driver’s pay processing upon the early receipt of documents. On those occasions when a customer needs a copy of a document, the new imaging system will locate the needed document in lightening fast fashion. No more looking through mountains of banker boxes in the storage room for a single document.

    So, in the spirit of Peak Performance, the leaner RG Transport Accounting office has a goal to eliminate waste disguised as paperwork. They’ll soon have to think about what to do with all that extra space in their document storage room. Tennis anyone??

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