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    Underwater Rescue

    Nov 23, 2011

    Like many, Elwood citizen Linda Southern watched the television news report on the June flood devastation in south central Indiana.  But, unlike many, Linda could not sit idle without trying to help the victims of the flooding.  After several unsuccessful phone calls, Linda was surprised to find that no formal Elwood-area donation programs had been initiated.  So, Linda created a program on behalf of the big-hearted citizens of our community.

    Utilizing the Elwood Call Leader newspaper and word of mouth, Linda advertised her donation drive.  She contacted family and friends requesting their help.  Her next hurdle was to establish a “home base” for the donation collections.  St. Vincent Mercy Hospital Foundation generously offered their building at 201 Anderson Street, in Elwood, as the official collection site. 

    For two days, Elwood residents, churches, the Kiwanis Club and local sororities responded to the Linda’s call for help in support of the victims.  Collectively, they brought a mountain of clothing, cleaning products, bedding materials, linens, toiletries, first aid supplies, various food items and bottled water.  The total donations were nothing short of massive. 

    Linda’s next challenge was to transport the donations to the flood victims.  Linda thought about the area’s largest transportation company, Red Gold and RG Transport.  When Brian Reichart received Linda’s call, it was not a surprise that he jumped at the opportunity to help.  Brian provided an RG Transport tractor, trailer and driver to move the flood victim’s donations.  Brian also added pallets of ketchup and salsa for the families in need.  On Tuesday, June 24, 2008, Linda and her volunteers, including strong young members of the Elwood High School football team, loaded all the donations into a RG Transport trailer. 

    A short time later, the “load of help” was delivered to the Ashbury United Methodist Church in Columbus, IN.  The church served as a central distribution point for getting the much appreciated supplies to the flood victims.  Thanks to the “Linda’s Team” and Red Gold, the quality of life for many flood victims improved a little that day. 

    Anyone wishing to make additional donations to the flood victims can contact Jennifer at the Ashbury United Methodist Church at (812) 372-4555.

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