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    Truth and Consequences

    Jan 27, 2012

    Truth and Consequences

    There are several opinions, rumors and questions swirling around regarding the new CSA 2010 initiative as it pertains to the Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) and the use of the Pre Employment Screening Program (PSP).  Here is the truth as provided by the official CSA 2010 website both the DSMS and the PSP will be valuable tools used by motor carriers to retain current drivers and a tool that will be used by motor carriers to help assist with hiring decisions.

    What is the DSMS?


    “The Safety Measurement System (SMS) assesses a carrier’s safety performance based on its roadside violations and crashes.  The DSMS is a tool within the SMS used by enforcement staff only.  Its primary purpose is to help enforcement staff assess driver safety as part of motor carrier investigations. The DSMS does this by identifying which of a motor carrier’s drivers to examine during that carrier’s compliance review.  This enforcement tool uses a subset of violations to evaluate an individual driver’s safety performance across employers.  Appendix A in the SMS Methodology Report shows the violations used in the DSMS.”

     Who can see the DSMS? 

    “Only enforcement staff will have access to the DSMS for use during motor carrier safety investigations.  Neither drivers nor employing motor carriers will have access to the DSMS.  While some third party vendors are developing and marketing CSA 2010 driver scorecards, these companies do not have access to full driver violation histories in the FMCSA databases.  FMCSA has not and will not validate any vendors’ scorecards or data.”


    What is the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) and how does it impact CSA 2010?


    PSP is a new, voluntary FMCSA program mandated by Congress that is designed to assist the motor carrier industry in assessing individual drivers’ safety performance as part of the hiring process. PSP is a completely separate program from CSA 2010.  Additionally, PSP does not provide a rating, score or formal assessment of any kind.  Drivers are encouraged to obtain and review their PSP report before applying for new jobs, and request a review of any potentially inaccurate data through FMCSA’s DataQ’s program.  While the PSP is not part of CSA 2010, the safety data accessible through PSP is the same data that the DSMS and enforcement staff use during motor carrier investigations.  For more information, visit FMCSA’s PSP website at
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