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    Annual Safety Awards

    Jul 18, 2012

    On July 14, 2012 RG Transport, LLC held their Annual Safety Awards Meeting at the Elks Lodge in Elwood, IN.  The meeting started off with a hearty breakfast and some time for the drivers to visit with friends and co-workers that they don't get to see on a regular basis.  The meeting started with a few reminders, company news, operations updates and a safety discussion.  There were several awards given out during the awards presentation.  The categories and awards were: 250,000 Consecutive Accident Free Miles ( RG Transport Custom Made Leather Jacket); 500,000 Consecutive Accident Free Miles (RG Transport Custom Made Gold Ring); 750,000 Consecutive Accident Free Miles ($1000 Vacation Certificate); One Million Consecutive Accident Free Miles ($1500 Vacation Certificate); 1.25 Consecutive Accident Free Miles $1500 Vacation Certificate); 1.75 Consecutive Accident Free Miles $1750 Vacation Certificate); and 2.25 Consecutive Accident Free Miles ($1750 Vacation Certificate). We presented an award to the R.G. Transport "Driver of the Year" Randy Robinson and also awarded Merril Hughes with a retirement gift for 33 Years of service at RG Transport.  Thanks to all of our driver's and employees for all of their hard work and dedication!!!

    Driver's that Received Annual Safety Awards:

    250,000 Miles- Brian Bennington, Tim Burfield, Mark Forand, Randy Jackson, Dan Moore, Marion Pierce, Stan Range, Dan Swango, Bill Wells and Bill Wilson

    500,000 Miles- Duane Broyles, Bill Colvin, Kim Evans, Ron Hemming, Frank Landers, David Macke, Todd Reed, Tim Riggs, Randy Robinson, John Thibeault and Robin Wilson

    750,000 Miles- Randy Grimme, Tom Hale, Todd Hammond, Wayne Maxwell, Richard Parker and Brian Yockey

    One Million Miles- Richard Shepherd

    1.25 Million Miles- Steven Emery and Aaron Stamps

    1.75 Million Miles- Keith Foltz

    2.25 Million Miles Dennis Flaherty and Wendell Sizelove


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