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    Who's Number One? David Mottweiler!!!

    Jan 27, 2015
    Who is the Number One driver at RG Transport you ask? It’s David Mottweiler!!! David has been a driver at RG Transport since February 7th, 1979!!! It all started because of a friend who was a truck driver, David thought it would be kind of cool to be a driver as well. In late 1978 David enrolled in Truck Driving School where he really excelled as a student. He was ranked as the top driver in his class and had the second highest GPA for the school at that time.

    When David started driving at RG Transport there were only five trucks in the entire fleet, he never envisioned the company being more than a small "Mom and Pop" operation and is very impressed the company has evolved into a fleet of 130 trucks, and is very pleased to say that it still feels like the same small family owned company that it did when it was first started. David feels lots of pride and admiration for being a part of the growth of RG Transport and says "We did good, we made it big"

    David remembers back in the day when being a local shuttle driver actually meant the driver loaded the truck at one of the plants, drove to a warehouse, jumped on a forklift and unloaded the trailer. "We really did it all".  In his career at RG Transport David has worked as both an over the road driver and local driver. David really enjoyed his time on the road being able to see many parts of the country and enjoyed watching the scenery pass by. Today; as a local driver, he really likes being home with his family every day.

    Of course being a driver he has several stories of being on the road, some good, some bad and of course some that are just a little hard to believe!!! When it’s all said and done, David is glad to have spent all of his career driving for RG Transport and in a couple of years he will be looking forward to enjoying retirement and spending time with his wife Cindy and the rest of his family. He also plans to work on and show off his classic bright red Chevy Nova!!!

    We are glad David chose to make RG Transport a part of his family for the past 36 years!!!
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