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“I have been with RG for sixteen years and have always had the opportunity to make a good living balanced with good home time.” 

Million Mile Club

The RG Transport Million Mile Club is reserved for the “Best of The Best”. Our drivers consider achieving, and joining, this elite club to be the ultimate safety accomplishment. To earn entrance into this coveted group, an RG Transport driver must drive One Million consecutive accident-free miles. In today’s congested and busy environment, this is not an easy task.

RG Transport proudly recognizes our “Best of the Best” club membership in several ways. Not only do our club members receive a $1,500 Vacation Certificate and have their names engraved onto the One Million Mile Club plaque, the management team honors the old and new club members with an annual banquet for the driver and a guest.

Look Who's Close

Dennis Moran
Achieved on: 1/1/2008

Dennis became part of the RG Transport team in October of 1999. He is a former Driver of the Month winner and obviously has an excellent safety record. Dennis is a great partner for RGT as he is very consistent and provides useful feedback.
Mike Bower
Achieved on: 1/1/2008

Mike joined the RGT team in July of 2001. Mike has reached this safety milestone in seven years. Mike participates in the "plant" season each year and was our "model" driver for pictures in our safety manaual. Mike won the Driver of the Month Award in August of 2006. We appreicate all of Mike's efforts.
Dennis Haisley
Achieved on: 1/1/2007

Dennis Haisley is now a member of the Million Mile Club. Dennis joined RG Transport on August 12, 1996 and has accumulated 1,023,189 consecutive accident-free miles.
Jeff Humphries
Achieved on: 1/1/2005

Jeff started with RG Transport in October 1994. He has driven 1.1 million accident-free miles since joining the company.
Jeff Long
Achieved on: 1/1/2005

Jeff began his career at RGT in June of 1994. He accumulated 1,044,000 accident-free miles before accepting a local job late in 2004.
Keith Foltz
Achieved on: 1/1/2004

Keith joined RG Transport in July of 1995. After beginning his driving career at RGT in an over the road position, Keith accepted a shuttle position in 1999. He has accumulated the equivalent of 1.1 million accident free miles.
Ed Vanness
Achieved on: 1/1/2003

Ed joined RGT in October of 1992. He drove in excess of 1,054,000 accident-free miles before retiring from RGT in January of 2004.
Howard Retherford
Achieved on: 1/1/2003

Howard began at RGT in October of 1993. He accumulated 1.24 millions miles accident-free driving since joining the company.
James Brown
Achieved on: 1/1/2003

Brownie started with RGT in July of 1993. He successfully drove 1.28 million accident-free miles. He accepted a local position in 2005.
Rex Harvey
Achieved on: 1/1/2002

Rex joined RGT in July of 1993. He amassed 1.42 million miles of accident-free driving.
Wendell Sizelove
Achieved on: 1/1/2002

Wendell joined RG Transport in August of 1989 and has driven locally his entire career. He has the equivalent of 1.6 million accident free miles.
Bob Alford
Achieved on: 1/1/2001

Bob began his career at RGT in July of 1992. He drove in excess of 1.4 million accident-free miles before taking a local position within the company.
John Spencer
Achieved on: 1/1/2001

John has driven in excess of 1.6 million accident-free miles since joining the company in July of 1993. John continues to safely drive over-the-road for RGT.
Larry Beane
Achieved on: 1/1/2001

Larry accumulated over 1.03 million accident-free driving since joining the company in July of 1993. Larry accepted a dedicated shuttle position in 2003.

Dennis Flaherty
Achieved on: 1/1/2000

Dennis joined RG Transport in June of 1992. He accepted a dedicated shuttle driver position in the Spring of 2004, but not before he accumulated 1.51 million miles of accident-free driving.
Bob Curtis
Achieved on: 1/1/1998

Bob is RG Transport's first Million Mile Club award recipient. He joined the company in August 1989. Bob has accumulated in excess of 1.5 million accident-free miles.
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